Student Storage FAQ

We are happy to deliver your boxes and tape if needed after you have signed up for our storage services. Our boxes are 6.00 each Packing tape is 5.00 and there is a 5.00 delivery fee

** Note we are only delivering boxes to Duke April 22 and to UNC April 23 **

  • Boxes must be pre-paid for in order to have them delivered. Non- Refundable purchase.
  • Call to order. You do not have to use our boxes, you may use your own.
  • Weight limit of any packed box – No more than 15 lbs.

How it Works

Do I need to use your boxes?

We’ll store any item—boxed or not. You can store your own boxes, luggage, storage bins, or miscellaneous items (20 lb minimum weight per item). View the rates page above to see a list of commonly stored items and prices. If you don’t see your item call us and we’ll give you a rough estimate. Remember, electronics must be stored in original packaging.

What if I live off-campus?

We can deliver, pickup, and re-deliver items anywhere as long as it is within a five (5) mile radius of campus. Deliveries outside of this range can be made on an as needed basis for an additional fee.

Do I have to be present for my appointment?

Yes. We need you to be present to let us in the building and verify your order by signing our invoice. If you cannot be present, a roommate, friend, parent, or residential adviser can sign for your storage if pre-arranged with a Storage on Command representative via email.

When will you arrive to pick up my things?

You will receive a text message the day of your appointment notifying you of an estimated time of arrival. Please schedule on a day that you are flexible, since it is possible that we may be delayed slightly. Each day we create the schedule and notify our clients so be prepared for a reminder message. Please note that you need to be FULLY PACKED when we arrive.

How will I know when you will arrive on my re-deliver day?

We will call every client on the date of his or her scheduled re-delivery to give you an estimated time for delivery. It is important that you remain available to receive your storage during that time and that you remain available to answer your phone on the day of your delivery. If you need a more exact estimate prior to the day of re-delivery, email us and we’ll make a note of your request.

I need to schedule a special pickup or delivery.

If it is an emergency delivery or pickup, call the special number on our Contact Us page. We will work with you to set up a time.

If re-delivery is not in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area, additional delivery fees will be assessed and must be pre-paid prior to re-delivery.


Why should I use Storage on Command?

We have the lowest prices in the area for summer and semester storage and we care for your items as if they were our own. Its that simple.

Where are my belongings stored?

We store all items in our secure warehouse near campus. For security purposes, the location of our warehouse is not disclosed and clients are not permitted to pick up items.
Our warehouse is locked at all times and very secure. We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance to protect items in the event of damage, theft, or loss. Please look over our Terms and Conditions for more information about what items can and cannot be insured.

How much notice do you need before I can get my boxes delivered to me?

Boxes must be ordered before April 15. You will be notified of your campus delivery date by email and/or text. Call us to request a short-notice delivery or pick up or to assure that you are on the schedule.

Do I need to label my boxes?

All items must be labeled properly with custom Storage on Command stickers. Each box we give you comes with a label but you are responsible for labeling all of the other items. Stickers for non-boxed items will be passed out along with the boxes. If your items aren’t properly labeled, Storage on Command is not responsible for misplaced items.

Each sticker must be labeled with your NAME, RE-DELIVERY ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, RE-DELIVERY DATE (must be the same as shown on your form), INSURANCE, and ITEM NUMBER (Item _ of _).

What if I need to change my re-delivery date or location?

If you need to change your re-delivery appointment or location, you must email us, and notify us of any changes as soon as you are aware. We’ll work with you to accommodate your needs. A fee will be assessed when you change your re-delivery date and location. View the additional fees in the billing section of this document for more details.

If re-delivery is not in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area, additional delivery fees will be assessed and must be pre-paid prior to re-delivery.


How do I pay for my storage?

Your initial reservation can be booked online and paid with credit or debit card via PayPal. We also accept snail mail payment two weeks in advance with postal money order personal check.

When is Payment Due?

A $75 deposit is due at time of booking box delivery. Balance is due at pick up. Balance at pickup can be paid with credit card or postal money order. Cash is not accepted on pick up day. Personal checks are not accepted at pickup.

Are there any additional fees?

Some circumstances and requests make it harder for us at Storage on Command (SOC) to operate smoothly. The following situations are listed below. To view the pricing associated with each instance, go to the rates page.

  • Missed appointment
  • Re-delivery date/time change
  • Scheduled re-delivery outside standard window
  • Scheduled pickup outside standard window
  • Emergency pickup or re-delivery outside of window.


What if you loose or damage my stuff?

In the rare case that we lose or damage your belongings, Storage on Command will work with you to make sure the appropriate measures are taken. As a reminder, we require that each client must insure any valuable items to protect against possible loss.

Unless the customer purchases additional insurance, the customer agrees that the released value of each package or item of furniture (i.e. bed, futon, dresser, night stand, etc.) is no greater than $100 and that THE SOC liability is limited to $100.

Electronic Equipment of Any Type

SOC can not be held responsible for the working ability of any electronic item this includes but is not limited to: Computers of any type, phones, refrigerators, microwave, stereos, TV’s, Lamps, etc.

What about insurance?

Each client has the option to purchase insurance on individual items from their own insurance agent. Please check with your insurance company as to which items can and cannot be insured.

THE SOC strongly recommends the purchase of additional insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased as follows:

Through the CSI protection group. The company provides personal property insurance for student’s property for less than the cost of a homeowner’s deductible. Visit or call (888) 441-4911.