Terms and Conditions

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The following paragraphs contain the general terms and conditions under which Storage-on-Command (SOC) is engaged in the movement, transportation, rental, and/or storage of personal items including, but not limited to, boxes and packages within the United States and jointly through interchange with its affiliates. SOC reserves the right to amend any portion of this service explanation at any time. The most current service explanation may be found at THE SOC Web site (www.Storage-on-Command.com) and is available upon written request from THE SOC main office.

Storage Services shall include the pickup, transportation, storage, and delivery of the Customer’s possessions. Storage on Command provides “curbside pickup” only. If you are handicapped or have a special needs situation, please call us to make special arrangements.

The Customer shall present pre-packed personal goods to THE SOC at the time of pickup. THE SOC shall transport these goods to an appropriate storage facility chosen at the sole discretion of THE SOC. THE SOC will return the goods to the Customer during dates and times established by THE SOC by considering school and dormitory schedules. Customer agrees to be present to receive the goods at the specified delivery date, time, and location.

The Customer understands access to goods in storage is permitted only with 10 days prior notice and upon payment of a non-refundable fee as per the Pricing section below. If the items must be delivered prior to the specified delivery dates, an additional fee could apply.

The customer will provide dates and times for the materials that they will need for packing. This information can be mailed by request of customer. The customer must have an account with the THE SOC and show up with a school I.D. The customer at that time will sign a contract with the SOC. On this contract, the customer will acknowledge that he/she has read the Terms & Conditions. The terms and conditions are the same on the website.

The customer will receive the materials that he/she requested, at this time they may request additional materials. A Customer Service representative will indicate the amount of materials given on their contract. The boxes that the customer takes must be used for our program. Any extra boxes that the customer does not use should be returned on the day of their scheduled pick-up. If the customer takes more boxes
than they use and does not return them in the same condition that they received them, there will additional charges for those items as follows:
box: $6.00, bubble-wrap: $13.50,

SOC will provide/Schedule with the Customer a date, time and location of where pickup and/or delivery will occur. This information will be sent via email or phone. SOC provides storage services subject to a number of restrictions. The Customer accepts full responsibility and liability for any damages or losses that result from the Customer’s failure to adhere to these service restrictions. The customer must communicate any changes to the previously scheduled delivery date or location to the SOC at least 15 days prior to the earlier of the originally scheduled delivery date and the new delivery date. Changes made within 14 days of the delivery date are not guaranteed. An additional fee may be assessed for date change. SOC will ship anywhere outside of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapelhill area at Customers full expence to the elected shipping company.

The Customer recognizes that SOC will not be held liable for damage to their belongings after delivery has occurred. In the event that the Customer is not present during their scheduled delivery date and time, THE SOC representatives will not leave items behind and the customer will have to make arrangements for a redelivery solely at the expense of the customer. Customers must notify THE SOC in advance if someone else is to receive their belongings.

The Customer acknowledges reading and accepting the terms of SOC Packing Guide as found on THE SOC website and agrees that the safe packing of items is the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The Customer agrees to pay the total cost of the services provided by THE SOC based on the number and type of items tendered to THE SOC at the time of pickup. The Customer further agrees to pay any applicable fees as specified in the Pricing section. The Customer agrees to pay a $50 deposit by credit card to reserve space for our services. The deposit will be credited against the Customer’s final bill. Deposits are partially refundable only if requested prior to 2 weeks before the Customer’s pick up date week. The deposit will be refunded in full in the event that THE SOC is unable to perform the services for the Customer for any reason other than the Customer’s willful acts to void the contract. All charges for services are due and payable immediately at the pickup of the Customer’s possessions. All accounts must be paid by credit card – no personal checks are accepted on pick up day. The Customer hereby authorizes THE SOC to charge the Customer-provided credit card or bank account for the balance owing for the services rendered and any additional fees after deducting the initial deposit. The Customer acknowledges that they remain indebted to THE SOC for any balance owed on their account as a result of invalid credit card information, THE SOC inability to receive credit card authorizations,or for any other reason, which prevents THE SOC from being paid for the services and any additional fees. THE SOC reserves the right to hold the Customer’s possessions until payment has been received in full. The Customer acknowledges that their failure to pay their account in full prior to the delivery date will result in a change in the delivery date and the assessment of additional fees. In addition, THE SOC will charge and the Customer will pay additional fees as described in this section. The purpose of the additional fees is to compensate THE SOC for expenses it incurs beyond those associated with the provision of services according to standard procedures. Additional Fees may be charged for the following, as explained in the sections of this Agreement:

Redelivery After Failed Attempt – $75, – $75, Pick-Up or Delivery Outside

Standard Dates – $250, Late Change of Delivery Day or Location – $50,

Billing Fee – $25, Late payment fee $25/month.

Additional Abandonment Fees – Costs incurred when storage items are not claimed by the Customer. *Customers gives up all rights and ownership of all stored property if left unclaimed and/or services not paid for in full with in 90 days of late collection or failure to deliver.

THE SOC uses vendors and other agents in performing the services for the Customer. The Customer acknowledges the use of these parties and the fact that the Customer has no contractual relationship with these parties.

The Customer recognizes that only loss or damage caused by the negligence of THE SOC will be covered by THE SOC insurance policy, as described in these Terms and Conditions. Only physical damage to the exterior of the box/item will activate any insurance claim on the item. In addition, damages that result from non-adherence to the How To Pack Guide are not the responsibility of THE SOC.

Unless the customer purchases additional insurance, the customer agrees that the released value of each package or item of furniture (i.e. bed, futon, dresser, night stand, etc.) is no greater than $100 and that THE SOC liability is limited to $100.

THE SOC strongly recommends the purchase of additional insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased as follows:

Through the CSI protection group. The company provides personal property insurance for student’s property for less than the cost of a homeowner’s deductible. Visit collegestudentinsurance.com or call (888) 441-4911.

Without limiting the right of THE SOC to conclude for other reasons that the Customer will not be returning to school, the Customer agrees that their failure to be present on the scheduled delivery day and their failure to communicate with THE SOC concerning an alternate delivery arrangement constitutes abandonment of their stored possessions.
Under abandonment of their possessions, the Customer agrees to pay THE SOC for all charges and fees relating to the failed delivery and further shipping of the possessions to the permanent address provided by the Customer at the time of registration. THE SOC has the right to assume ownership of the abandoned property 90days after prior delivery scheduled date.

Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, the Customer waives any claims for damage or loss of any article against SOC and its employees. The Customer expressly releases and holds Storage on Command COMPANY, and its agents and employees harmless from any and all costs of processing any claim or defending any claim arising from this Agreement.

The Customer acknowledges that there are no representations, warranties, or Agreements by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative of THE SOC or THE SOC’S agents is authorized to make any representations, warranties, or Agreements other than as expressly set forth herein writing signed by the parties may only amend this Agreement.

12. Electronic working agreement.
SOC Can not be held responsible for the working ability of any electronic item this includes but is not limited to: Computers of any type, phones, refrigerators, microwave, stereos, TV’s, Lamps, etc.

This Agreement shall be governed, interpreted, and construed according to the law of the State of North Carolina. The Customer agrees that any court action pertaining to this agreement shall be conducted in courts in the State of North Carolina.

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